Teen Chicago Travel Guide: Featuring Kevin

This year we spotlight teen voices in our Teen Chicago Travel Guide.

Kevin G. went on a field trip from Back of the Yards Branch to the National Veterans Art Museum, where they explored the exhibits The Things They Carried and Operation Mom's Couch.

Kevin's Story: I participated in a field trip with Mr. Jaime and Ms. Heidi. We went to the National Veterans Art Museum and we saw a lot of army equipment from the Vietnam War. The artifacts that interested me most were the 90-lb. backpacks and the things that soldiers used to eat and drink. I learned what the conditions were in Vietnam, and I thought it was sad that the soldiers were my age at the time of the war.

While we were at the museum, we also saw an exhibit by Eric J. Garcia (pictured). His art was about his experience in the Army, all of his friends dying in war and how much he missed his family.

War is not a game, and I was impacted by hearing about the people and learning how serving in wars protects others. It was fun to go with other YOUmedia teens and explore the city outside my neighborhood.

Kevin's Inspiration: Eric J. Garcia's artwork.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Kevin!