Teen Voices: Featuring Hugo

Each month we spotlight a teen at CPL.

Hugo A. visits HWLC YOUmedia regularly and is known as a YOUmedia "ambassador" because he spends so much of his time away from the library promoting all the cool things teens can do here. He also talks regularly to his schoolmates and friends about the mentors and staff in YOUmedia.

Hugo's favorite program at HWLC YOUmedia is Library of Games, which he says "allowed me to take action." Working with Taylor, the librarian lead for the series, Hugo has helped promote the program and recruit more participants and fans for the Let's Plays channel and gaming tournaments (Smash Bros. are his favorite.).

Hugo also had the opportunity to develop skills he says he never knew he had, including event planning. Along those lines, Hugo was active in planning as well as implementing an International Games Day event at the library as well as the 1st Saturday: Careers in Games event, part of the 1st Saturdays event series introducing high school teens to people, organizations and activities around a specific industry.

At every 1st Saturday event, there's a raffle of prizes and, much to his delight, Hugo was one of several winners to win an armful of board games, as show in the photo here.

Aside from video games, Hugo's hobbies include board games, music and anything nerdy (you name it). His favorite book is Speak, and his favorite genres include humor and romance.