Teen Voices: Featuring Brianna

Each month we spotlight a teen at CPL.

Brianna visits Albany Park YOUmedia regularly, and she recently talked to staff member Daniel about what she likes doing there. Discover what keeps her coming back!

I’ve been coming to the library since my freshman year. My sister Ashanti kept talking about it over and over; eventually she dragged me here. But then I decided to come on my own because it’s awesome!

The first workshop I took was Ashley’s crystal growing. I saw them on the shelf and thought,whoa,I’m gonna make one of those.

Now I spend most days making perler bead and sticker designs. I like the perler beads because I can make whatever I want, but it takes patience. I used to have no patience but it has actually gotten a lot better thanks to this. I tend to do more complicated designs, the more detail the better. I like complicated things in life in general. Simple is boring, ya know?

In the future I hope to participate in a YOUmedia tournament of some kind, so if you’re looking for a host I volunteer as tribute (Hunger Games is the best!).

My advice to anyone coming to the library for the first time is to not be afraid to talk to people. They may look intimidating, but they’re all really nice.

We're so glad you're here Brianna. Thanks for sharing!