Teen Voices: Featuring At-n

Each month we spotlight a teen at CPL.

This month we interviewed At-n, a regular HWLC YOUmedia participant, to learn more about his goals, passions and love of music.

Q. What are your goals when you graduate?

A. My goals are to keep pursuing music and to further develop my knowledge of the subject while crafting myself as a musician.

Q. With your diverse range in arts and music, if you wanted to share something about yourself what would it be?

A. I would say that basically I love experimenting and innovating music. I don't like to stay inside the box but venture out and try new styles and create a new sound for myself.

Q. What are some of your influences?

A. Well I love the majority of music genres and I take inspiration from a lot of those. I love hip-hop, rock and metal more so as favorites. I like Prince, James Brown, a lot of Blues, Jazz and Funk.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us At-n. Best of luck with your music endeavors!