Teen Voices: Eric, Web Designer

Each month we spotlight a teen at CPL.

Eric is a regular at the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Branch YOUmedia, where his passion for creating 3D videos and animation has a place to shine. He's been learning about technology for many years and has achieved an advanced level of expertise. He even worked on the animation for our Tiny Studio: Jam Session video.

We recently sat down with Eric and asked him about his time in YOUmedia working on digital projects.

Q: What does YOUmedia mean to you?

A: YOUmedia is a place I can hang out where I'm treated with respect. It's also a place where I have a lot of fun.

Q: Did YOUmedia help your learning?

A: It does help me with my skills, and when I come here I'm learning something new all day. It has also helped me develop my business skills.

Q: Do you have any advice for teens who want to learn about computers/animation?

A: Start young and work hard at it.

Check out more of Eric's work on his YouTube channel, Prank Adams.