Teen Voices: Crafts Volunteer Emily

Each month we spotlight a teen at CPL.

Emily M. is an 18-year-old who frequents both Archer Heights Branch and Harold Washington Library Center. Emily has volunteered with her friends at Archer Heights Branch for the past two years, creating Saturday afternoon crafts with kids and displaying them at the library. When Emily isn't volunteering, she heads down to YOUmedia at Harold Washington Library Center, using the space to try out new skills and hobbies.

Q: What’s your favorite program at the library? 

A: My favorite program at the library is YOUmedia. This program and space at Harold Washington Library allows one to explore different interests like painting, video gaming, etc. I feel like this is something important to have while someone is growing up and exploring what they or may not like. 

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: My hobbies include playing soccer, watching Netflix series and writing. 

Q: What’s your favorite book?

A: I really enjoy reading dystopian books (like the Divergent series) because it interests me to read about another world that is different from our own. The books in general are really thrilling and leave you on your toes while reading.

Q: How has the library been a part of your life?

A: The library has played a big role in my life the past two years. I am a volunteer at the library where I help children make different arts and crafts. It’s something that I really enjoy and overall has been a really rewarding experience.

Thanks for all your works of art and your time, Emily; keep on creating!