Teen Voices: Deanbre on His Hero, John Cena

Teens, as part of Elevate Your Voice, we're asking you to give a shout out to your hero and to share an original art piece, video, photo or recording inspired by your hero. Your submission could be featured on the CPL website, like this one.

Legler Branch patron Deanbre, 16, says wrestler John Cena is his hero.

Deanbre was able to meet Cena through Make-A-Wish® in 2012.

Deanbre says Cena's passion and attitude are incredible, and remind of him of when he was diagnosed with cancer and was fighting for his life to be with his family.

Deanbre said Cena has some excellent quotes, such as "Never Give Up," but also "Hustle Loyalty." One of Deanbre's favorite quotes by Cena is simply "Respect."