Teen Chicago Travel Guide: Featuring Kimvalyn

This year we spotlight teen voices in our Teen Chicago Travel Guide.

Kimvalyn M. went on a Get Lost field trip with YOUmedia to Bridgeport and Chinatown.

Kimvalyn's Story: The place I went to was Chinatown on a field trip with the Chicago Public Library. This place really caught my eye because I learned what I was born to be... a horse! Now before you think that I am a horse and not an actual human, I would like to tell you what it means. A horse in the Chinese zodiac means enthusiastic, witty and charitable, from what I remember.

I think Chinatown would interest other teens because it is a great place to learn about Chinese culture and it has amazing food. It made an impact on me because I had never really thought of learning about more Chinese culture until now.

Thanks for sharing your newfound knowledge, Kimvalyn!