Teen Chicago Travel Guide: Featuring Jordan

This year we spotlight teen voices in our Teen Chicago Travel Guide.

Jordan L. visited the Flatiron Arts Building and explored the Wicker Park neighborhood with his friends.

Jordan's Story: During the summer, Chicago is a great city to hang out with your friends and have fun. But where can you go when you have friends from Ethiopia, China, Mexico, Belize and from several different communities around Chicago? When you want everyone to feel safe, comfortable and enjoy the sounds and vibe of other young people?

This summer I discovered Wicker Park! I meet my friends in front of the Flatiron Building right by the CTA's Blue Line. We can spend the whole afternoon walking down Milwaukee, North or Damen Avenues discovering new places to shop, eat and just be ourselves.

There's something about Wicker Park that makes me feel more creative, and that my possibilities are endless! I love sharing that feeling with my friends. This photo was taken this summer by one of my friends in front of the Flatiron Building. To me it represents the merging of our cultures, communities and friendships right in front of a building that merges Milwaukee, North and Damen Avenues.

My discovery of the Wicker Park community changed the way I see the world. I want to help create an environment where everyone can come together and enjoy life.

Jordan's Inspiration: "Long Time II" by Chance the Rapper, ft. Nico Segal.

Thanks for sharing your journey, Jordan!