Teen Chicago Travel Guide: Featuring Jazlin

This year we spotlight teen voices in our Teen Chicago Travel Guide.

Jazlin G. went to Millennium Park and took in the sights and sounds.

Jazlin's Story: Have you ever visited Millennium Park? This past week I took a trip to visit and there was so much there. There was a waterfall wall that had a picture of someone's face, and every time the mouth opened, it spit out real water. That was pretty amazing to me.

You can do so much more in the park: there's a garden where you can take your date on a walk or just sit and talk. They also have drink and food stands, and on one side there is a little stage where artists come and throw concerts.

This adventure made me want to explore more about Chicago, see more of the city and not stay home. I honestly didn't think Chicago had interesting places, but there it was.

Jazlin's Inspiration: Reading was never my thing before, but I got interested in Shiver, a novel about a wolf that falls in love with a human. It's so interesting how he talks to her.

Thanks for sharing your impressions, Jazlin!