HERSTORY Photo Exhibit at Chinatown Branch

Stop by Chinatown Branch to see Herstory, an exhibit featuring rare photographs and case descriptions of legal history of Chinese-American women in the past 165 years. The exhibit is a fascinating look at the ordinary people who fought for their rights, and in doing so, helped shape a new world for Chinese-Americans in the United States.

The exhibit is provided by Dr. Chang C. Chen, who has worked tirelessly for the past three years to document the written legal history of Chinese-Americans.

"她在厉史背后" 图片展览于2016年9月1日至2016年10月31日在芝加哥图书馆中国城分馆隆重展出。本展览展现了美国华人女性为争取自己的权利,勇敢争取,获得胜利的厉史。欢迎参观。