Take On a Design Challenge During Maker Lab’s Open Shop

During the Maker Lab's Open Shop sessions, you can experiment with digital design, make original creations for friends and family, collaborate with other makers and test ideas for design challenges.

Design challenges provide a creative prompt for all manner of problems, from how might we live on Mars, to how might we make a Halloween costume using low-fi materials. Design challenges usually have a deadline and may require you to document steps, submit photos of the process or final product, and share your design online.

If you’ve taken a Maker Lab class and you’re ready for more making, here are a few design challenges you can work on during one of our Open Shop sessions:

If these challenges seem easy, maybe you’re ready to apply to be a maker on the NBC show Making It!

Have you used the Maker Lab to win a design challenge? We'd love to hear about it! Email makerspace@chipublib.org to share your story.