Start With Art: About the Artists

This summer, we're exploring some amazing works of art that you can find all around ChicagoHow did the artists make such incredible art and what inspired them? Find out more by watching videos of the artists, visiting their virtual studios and even listening to a special playlist. 

Bisa Butler makes awesome portrait quilts which are on display at the Art Institute of Chicago through September 6. Learn about her by watching a short video that brings you into her studio. She even made a playlist to go with her art!  

Elizabeth Catlett was an artist, educator and activist who spent time in Chicago and was a part of the Chicago Black Renaissance. Learn about her life and her powerful art on this website devoted to her life and work. You can see one of her sculptures at the Legler Regional Library

Amy Cheng’s art is full of color, shapes and movement, which is perfect for a busy train station! Scroll left and right in Amy Cheng's virtual studio to see her art which is on display in many public places, including the Howard CTA station. 

Hector Duarte’s beautiful murals and paintings can be found all over Chicago. You can visit his website to learn more and listen to him describe his art. You can also see his art at the Lozano Library, the Western Station on the Pink Line and many other Chicago locations. 

Kerry James Marshall is a Chicago artist who has created many, many works of art. See a mural he created for the Chicago Cultural Center honoring women and explore videos and some of his art at a recent art show at Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Simone Martin-Newberry is a Chicago illustrator and graphic designer who created the art for Start With Art. Her art celebrates the diversity in Chicago and around the world. Check it out in the Activity Guide and the Little Activity Guide and on her website.  

And of course, learn about the artists who created thObama Portraits, which are at the Art Institute of Chicago through August 15. Check out Amy Sherald’s amazing portraits on her websiteAnd watch Kehinde Wiley describe his special art. 

Art Websites

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