Imagine Doing More with Environmental Law and Policy Center!

Teens, this summer you'll have the unique opportunity to learn about the impact air quality has on not only the natural environment, but public health in Chicago, with our partners from the Environmental Law and Policy Center.

For instance, did you know Chicago hospitalization rates for asthma are twice as high as in suburban Chicago and the national average?

As part of Imagine Doing More!, the center has posed the following challenge: Improve the Air We Breathe!

Help others understand how air quality issues impact them and what measures can be taken to reduce pollution.

Meet air quality experts from the center, measure air quality in your neighborhood and/or help transform the air casting data into campaigns (art, dance, theater, etc.) to capture much-needed attention to improve Chicago's natural environment.

Check out some of these Environmental Law and Policy Center-recommended sites to investigate and learn more:

And check out out events with the Environmental Law and Policy Center at CPL locations.