How Do Animals Adapt for Survival?

News Literacy Summer Learning Challenge

Finding food in the African savanna can be difficult. Giraffes’ long necks help them reach the highest tree branches, that other animals can’t get. Long, flexible tongues help them grab and strip leaves from branches. What are some disadvantages of having such a long neck?

Focus Questions

  1. How do animals camouflage themselves in the African Savanna?
  2. How does an animals body structure help it survive?

Think About It

  1. A three-meter long scrub python held on to the wing of a plane during a flight lasting nearly two hours. Despite clinging on all that time, why didn't the snake survive the journey from Australia to Papua New Guinea?
  2. Humans need to wear life jackets to stay safe while boating, but animals don't wear life jackets.How do animals who live in the water stay afloat?

Suggested Books

Giraffes Can't Dance

Giraffe Trouble

A Savanna Food Chain

News Literacy Summer Learning Challenges 2014 are made possible by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation through the Chicago Public Library Foundation.