Give Us a Poem for a Brookfield Zoo Pass at Archer Heights

Archer Heights Branch librarians Abby and Bill are collecting your poems inspired by winter. Young people ages 10 to 18 are invited to write original poems and give a copy to either Bill or Abby. In exchange, we'll give you tickets to the Brookfield Zoo.

Each poet can receive up to six tickets - one per poem. We will collect poems starting Monday, November 17 through January 30, or until we run out of tickets. Poems will be displayed in the library for all our patrons to enjoy.

Here's an exercise to get you started: take a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper. Write the word "WINTER" at the top and then quickly make a list of all the things that winter makes you think about. Maybe it's snow, the tickle of a cold nose, a Christmas memory, or the idea of things ending. Consider what winter can mean symbolically as well as literally.

Looking for more inspiration? Try one of these books:

I Like Winter

Iguanas in the snow and other winter poems

Poetry for the Winter Season