Drowning in Test-Taking Anxiety?

Discover ACT and SAT Testing "Simulation" Programs with Revolution Test Prep

Everyone’s different when it comes to anxiety around academic success. There are some people who would rather learn content and take a test to show their learning than conduct research and write a report to show their learning.

Then there are those who feel like they’re drowning in anxiety when it comes to preparing for and taking examinations. If you’re one of those students who isn’t a fan of testing, Chicago Public Library is thrilled to announce a partnership with Revolution Test Prep to offer free ACT and SAT test simulation days for teens (note that advance registration is required and space is limited). Sign up today!

If you're unable to attend either of these offerings, don't sweat it. There are great books in our collections, such as:

Don’t forget to check out these helpful websites too:

The more you know, the better you’ll feel. Let us help you succeed; stop in to your local library to ask for help.