Maker Lab Design Challenges Kick Off with a Special Guest

A year ago we launched the Maker Lab Rewards Card to bring more people into the Maker Lab's Open Shop events. This year, we’re giving Open Shop an upgrade by introducing design challenges.

Design challenges are opportunities to use your creativity to solve a problem or improve an existing design.

Samantha Alaimo, user experience specialist at Inventables, kicks things off with Fidget Spinner Design Challenge, our first design challenge event, on Wednesday, March 22.

For more information, check out a list of current design challenges. Then come to Open Shop, where we'll highlight approaches to the design process and offer a space to brainstorm and collaborate.

By participating in a design challenge, you receive feedback on the object, and you can see how others in the community approached the problem.

Some design challenges are sponsored and include the opportunity to earn prizes. To be eligible, you'll usually need to share files and photos of your object online. We can help you photograph your design with our in-house light box and walk you through the process of sharing your work.