Construction Zone: Spring Learning Challenge

Did you know it takes a lot of math, science, engineering and technology to make buildings? Put your brain to work as you construct houses, bridges and more from April 11 to April 23.

To complete the challenge:

Read (book, magazine or website) for 20 minutes a day for five days of spring break
Discover new information by doing one activity
Create one story, poem or piece of art

Keep track of your progress in the Spring Learning Challenge log. Return your log to any CPL location by April 30 to receive a free book. Challenge yourself and get building!


Our recommended reads will inspire you to create your own construction zone at home.

Building Our House: Follow this family's journey as they construct their own house from scratch.

Building Big: Get an inside look into the construction of bridges, tunnels, skyscrapers, domes and dams from around the world.


  • Visit the Brick by Brick exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry featuring replicas of amazing structures from around the world built out of LEGO® Bricks, plus hands-on engineering challenges for you to try.
  • Take the Three Little Pigs Building Challenge: Use three different kinds of materials to build three different houses. See if they can stay standing when the Big Bad Wolf (or a fan) comes to blow them down! Try using straws, sticks and bricks if you want to stay close to the story, or pick any three different materials.
  • Explore the interactive PBS site inspired by Building Big that includes games and activities related to skyscrapers, bridges, tunnels and more!
  • Learn about the innovations that make skyscrapers able to grow big, bigger, biggest.
  • How do suspension bridges work? Can you make a suspension bridge that will hold a cup of pennies using string, tape and drinking straws?


  • Build with wooden blocks or jumbo bricks at your library!
  • Try the newspaper challenge! How tall can you build a tower using only two sheets of newspaper? You can fold or tear the paper, but you can't use tape, glue or any other materials.
  • Use gumdrops, marshmallows or raisins and toothpicks or spaghetti to build a geodesic dome.
  • Draw your dream house. How many floors will it have? What rooms will you need? Think about where windows and doors will go.
  • Design and build a bird house or bird feeder using recycled containers.