Best of Black Harvest Film Festival Screenings at CPL Locations

CPL is partnering with the Gene Siskel Film Center to host film screenings from the Black Harvest Film Festival. The Black Harvest Film Festival is Chicago's annual showcase for films that tell stories, raise questions or touch on issues that relate to African American, Black African and African diasporic experience.

These community events seek to engage the African American audiences of Chicago by offering facilitated discussions of the film with directors, writers and staff from the Siskel Film Festival. Food and refreshments will be provided. For most events, a filmmaker will be in attendance.

Let The Little Light Shine, Director Kevin Shaw 

Chicago 2017: After closing down dozens of public schools, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration sets out to shutter yet another, the top-ranked National Teachers Academy in the South Loop. But mother-professor-activist Elisabeth Greer and members of her community are fighting back. Filmmaker Kevin Shaw (a director on Steve James’ America to Me) was on the ground for the entire riveting David vs. Goliath saga. As the film tracks this passionate group of parents and students rising up for their beloved elementary school, it also reveals the bracing realities of systemic racism and gentrification. 

Best of Black Harvest Festival Shorts, Various Directors

These four exceptional films from the 2021 Black Harvest Film Festival explore how we define family and how our personal histories and experiences are shaped by those closest to us, and by the strangers we meet. This eclectic mix of films represents the visionary voices of Black filmmakers today. Contains some mature language.

It's Different in Chicago, Director David Weathersby

In It's Different in Chicago, director David Weatherby (Black Harvest Film Festival alum and director of 2019's Thee Debauchery Ball) chronicles the history of house and hip hop music in Chicago, and how the two styles complemented and competed with each other, leading to revelations and evolution within the city’s Black community. Contains some mature language.