Art Exhibit by Zelda Vidal at Harold Washington Library Center

Harold Washington Library Center hosts a 2018 Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month art exhibit on the 3rd floor during the month of May featuring artist Zelda Vidal.

Zelda Vidal is a Filipino fine artist and Illustrator living in Elgin, IL. Growing up with grandparents who tell fanciful myths from under the mango tree, the imparted fascination with the unknown fused into her artistic process. She faced an “alien planet” as she encountered the culture of her newfound home in America. Using images of children and fanciful creatures from her childhood, she interprets the chaotic strangeness of the world with childlike wonder. The narratives in her gouache/acrylic paintings depict the strength of the human spirit in its purity. She aims to revive the dreamer within, to ignite the viewer’s ability to see the magic in the world just as they once did.