Art Exhibit by Norma Rios-Sierra at Logan Square Branch

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Logan Square Branch hosts Chicago artist Norma Rios-Sierra's exhibit Mi Mexico (My Mexico) from October 1 to October 31.

Artist Statement

My mosaic pieces are inspired by my experience as a Mexican American. My work reflects my love of my culture and my people. My pieces include stained glass mosaics featuring cacti, a prominent feature in most Mexican landscapes. Cacti are symbols of strength and endurance, and a reminder of the struggles that we have surpassed. Juxtaposed among the cactuses are strong female figures that have made an impact in cinema and art. These include Katy Jurado, the first Mexican woman to be nominated for an Academy Award, and Lupe Velez, known as the "Mexican Spitfire," a star from the silent film era.