Art Exhibit by Jessica Ferrer at Dunning Branch

Dunning Branch hosts a 2018 Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month art exhibit during the month of May featuring artist Jessica Ferrer.

Jessica Ferrer is a Chicago ‘burbs-based artist and writer whose recent work grapples with notions of visibility, hybridity and perspective. Initially undertaken as a consideration of the rich cultural tradition of weaving in the Philippines, her Common Thread series has since evolved into a far more personal exploration of the cultural mash-up she has accrued as a Filipino American. She references Philippine patterns and processes but acknowledges her own level of remove through the accidental and sometimes intentional erasure of memory as a first-generation American by abstracting their structure. Parts cross over and under each other, with every intersection further cementing their union and developing a new plane. She often loses herself in the repetition of threading these strands, struggling to imagine each finished piece. Consequently, the process is one of surrender and intuition rather than control.