Art Exhibit by Cheryl Reynolds-Fefles at West Belmont Branch

West Belmont Branch hosts a Polish American Heritage Month art exhibit in October featuring artist Cheryl Reynolds-Fefles.

Artist Statement

"I’m an artist and an art educator. I work in a variety of media—mainly fibers, glass and clay. Most of my newer work is ceramic. I am experimenting with terra cotta and the color possibilities that are only possible with low-fire clay. I’m also experimenting with the other extreme, porcelain, with the alluring white clay body using mostly clear glaze with some subtle color accents or printed images.

"I experiment with fused glass, using a variety of techniques. My recent glass work involves painting with frit, creating a kind of frit paste. I apply the paste with a palette knife, the way painters apply oil paint. Using sheets of colored glass, various colors of frit and glass powder, and frit pastes as my palette, I can create a glass painting that, through the fusing process, transforms my glass into finished work. I’m attracted to art that has a process, a time when the work is out of your hands. I like the fire arts—glass and ceramics. There’s always an element of surprise when you get your work back, something you didn’t predict, something that will send you in another direction in the next piece."