Positive Thinking Books: What to Read If You Liked Year of Yes

Shonda Rhimes, who's celebrating her 50th birthday on January 13, is famous for creating bold characters on TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. But behind her dramatic writing, she used to be a shy introvert who disliked trying new things. After a challenge from her sister, Rhimes decided to make a change. Year of Yes follows her yearlong decision to embrace what scared her and say “yes” to every opportunity that came her way. If, like Rhimes, you need extra motivation to make a change in the new year, check out these titles.

In Brave, Not Perfect, a book inspired by her TED talk, Reshma Saujani describes how women are taught to avoid rejection at all cost. Instead of fearing failure, she encourages readers to choose bravery and chase your dreams—no matter how big.

Marie Forleo teaches you how to turn large goals into small steps and retrain your brain to think creatively about problems in Everything Is Figureoutable.

Failing up by Leslie Odom, Jr., a star of the Broadway musical Hamilton, asks readers to answer these questions: How can you surround yourself with supportive people? What work can you do today to improve tomorrow? Odom’s own answers to these questions will inspire you to take risks to achieve your goals.

In The Gratitude Diaries, journalist Janice Kaplan makes a new year’s promise to be more grateful and starts a journey of only looking on the bright side of life. She uses personal stories, conversations with celebrities and research to show how gratitude can improve your life. 

How will you be more positive in the new year? What's a book that inspires you?