What’s Beyond Our Earth?

Look up! Way beyond our atmosphere are 11 Planets, nebula, comets, asteroids, galaxies, billions of stars and much much more. What we know, and even what we don't know, about the universe can't be contained in a Space Encyclopedia, which is why astronomers and everyday citizens, like you, keep searching the skies above. Between December 15 and January 5, keep your eyes on the sky above as part of the Winter Learning Challenge for kids.



  • Design a flag to represent your favorite planet. Think about some key features of the planet and use them to inspire the flag.
  • Use these Sci Fi Story Starters to write your own science fiction tale.
  • Build your own model of a real NASA Spacecraft.
  • Create and view a constellation. You will need:
    • Toilet paper tube
    • 4”x4” piece of tinfoil
    • Pencil with a sharp point
    • Rubber band
      1. Place the tinfoil around one end of the toilet paper roll and secure with the rubber band
      2. Use your pencil to poke holes in the shape of a constellation. Use these patterns or create your own
      3. Point your stargazer toward a light source and view the constellation.