Draw a Story

When you think about creating books, do you think about writing? Me, too! But for some creators, drawing is a big part of the story — or maybe where the story starts. Graphic novels and comics allow you to see the characters as you read about them and are a great way to share an action-packed story. Or they can tell a funny story or a touching one. There are many different kinds of stories told with pictures.



Guts: Raina Telgemeier writes and draws all about her life as a kid. This installment is all about her tummy troubles and how it feels to be worried about throwing up in school all the time.

Doodleville: In local author Chad Sell's second graphic novel, doodles come to life! What will happen when Drew's creations don't listen to what she says? Can she draw herself out of this problem?

Artemis Fowl: Your favorite kid criminal mastermind had his story turned into a graphic novel. Read it again, with pictures! Or start this series for the first time in graphic novel format.

The Truth About Parrots: Learn all about parrots in this colorful and true comic! Or try learning the truth about other animals in this fun informational series.

What's your favorite story told with pictures?