Teen Books and Video Book Trailers

I don't know about you, but I love a good video book trailer ... and especially when it's about a teen book I've read and enjoyed. Book trailers, by the way, are just like trailers for movies; they're designed to pique your interest as well as excite you about a character or plot. Some trailers are professionally done, by publishers, for instance. I'm going to share a few good ones now:

Here's a creepy one you might like! Just like Fennbirn's set of Queen triplets, each born with a special power, Three Dark Crowns is available in multiple formats, each with special advantages (ebook, downloadable audio book, etc.)

This trailer for Scythe is pretty awesome also ... and just might make Scythe, a terrific book exploring immortality and the meaning of life and death, too irresistible to not read.

Let me know if you like the creative use of paper cut images in this unique video trailer. Also, don't forget to learn whether or not music can suck out your soul in This Savage Song, available in multiple formats at CPL (ebook, downloadable audio book, etc.).

Book trailers aren't always as polished as the examples above. A lot of librarians, teachers and students create them for projects or fun. Here's an example of a chilling trailer for a book I thoroughly enjoyed entitled On the Edge of Gone, also available in multiple formats at CPL (ebook, downloadable audio book, etc.)

Feeling inspired to create a video book trailer yourself? You can easily search for copyright free pictures, videos and music online. Don't forget to share the title of the book with a link to your creation with us!

Finally, did you know you could share your trailer in CPL catalog by logging into your account and then searching for the book title for which you've made the trailer. Once you've found it, go to the bottom of the record to the section labeled "Community Activity," as shown in the image above, and select the "More" tab to add a video link. Wishing you happy creating!