#TBT: Happy Birthday, Michael Keaton!

Michael Keaton turned 65 this past Monday, so for this Throwback Thursday we're going to take a look at some films from his early career.

Before Christian Bale or Ben Affleck sneered their way into the Batcave, Tim Burton's Batman reestablished the world's greatest detective as the dark and brooding character we know now, instead of the campy version portrayed on television by Adam West. We can thank the success of this film and its sequels for making comic book films seem profitable before the new millennium. Michael Keaton starred as the titular hero, but more importantly as the weirdo billionaire Bruce Wayne, who even spawned a meme.

Beetlejuice was the first film I saw in theaters as a child. Michael Keaton starred alongside Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis in another Tim Burton movie. This one is covered in what is now almost a clichéd Burton style, but at the time, it was a unique look at the after life. Again, Michael Keaton stars as the title character.

In Mr. Mom, written by John Hughes, Keaton plays a man who loses his job and becomes a stay-at-home father while his wife, played by Teri Garr, deals with the struggles of climbing the corporate ladder.

Not from the eighties but directly related to his Batman performance, Michael Keaton once again is the title character from the 2015 Academy Award Best Picture, Birdman. This film is about an actor who is past his prime, formerly famous for playing a major super hero, and is now trying to regain his credibility on the stage. Michael Keaton was nominated for his performance.

Two years in a row, Mr. Keaton was starring in the Best Picture winner. In 2016, it was Spotlight. This film is about the value of investigative journalism and one particular case. It's based on true events.

In the eighties and nineties, Keaton was known for his comedic acting, and for multiple appearances on Saturday Night Live. Just as an example of his brilliant longevity, here are links to his first appearance and his most recent.

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