Summer Beach Reads for Teens

It's summer! And that means food, fun, sand and sun! Put on your shades and wind down with these cool, breezy beach reads.

Step out of your comfort zone and wear that swimsuit. Hara's graphic novel Embrace your Size is a love letter regarding body positivity and learning how to love yourself, this beautifully written wonderfully illustrated title will ensure self-love all season long.

Quality time with family isn't so bad, just ask Avery. In Sunkissed, Avery is reeling from her best friend's betrayal when she goes to a remote summer camp with her family and embarks on a journey of self-discovery whilst dealing with a whirlwind romance. 

Summer is a season of relaxation, but it is also one of love. This proves to be true for Poppy and Alex, the protagonists in the romance novel People We Meet on Vacation. Not only are they best friends, but polar opposites who take a week-long vacation whenever Poppy comes home from college. However, when Poppy and Alex's friendship hits a snag, she has one week to make things right. Can she do it?

Ice cream isn't the only thing that melts in the summer. In Jennifer Dugan's novel Melt With You, we're introduced to Chloe and Fallon, two former best friends who must work together at a series of food truck festivals. With time and hard work, the girls learn that life has no plan and that detours can be quite fun.

Summer camps give more than sparkling lakes, canoes and bugs. In Annie Rains' page-turning novel The Matchbreaker Summer, 16-year-old Paisley Manning knows this all too well. She's been attending Camp Starling since she was a child because her mother owns it. However, after her father's death, Paisley's mother decides to sell the camp and she isn't happy about it. Things appear to look up when she meets the charismatic rebel Hayden Bennett and together they come up with a plan to break up her mother's romance with her boyfriend.

Do you have a favorite summer beach read? Let us know in the comments below.