Stress-Busting Books for Kids

Stress, that worried feeling that usually comes with a burst of nervous energy, can be good. Even though it might make your palms sweat, your heart beat faster or your muscles tighten up, stress can motivate you to finish your chores before Mom gets home, get to school on time or study for a test. If you tried your best, those stressful feelings often will disappear once the task is done.

But if those feelings don't go away or aren't related to a task that can be completed, those worries can turn into a bad kind of stress that can have real physical consequences for your body. You might get stomachaches or headaches, be depressed or have other negative feelings, get sick more easily, or eat or sleep more than usual.

Sometimes, a quick break or a mindful moment can help your mind and body reset. If taking a deep breath isn't cutting it, younger readers can try to slow down with I Am Peace by Susan Verde or try to Breathe Like A Bear by Kira Willey.

Older readers can find more calm-down strategies in Be the Boss of your Stress by Timothy Culbert or Keep your Cool! by Sandra Donovan.

Sometimes, movement can help your body relax. Try a walk with friends or family, a favorite exercise or yoga. Younger readers may enjoy the funny poses in You Are A Lion! by TaeeunYoo, while older readers will get more out of Let's Play Yoga! by Marcia DeLuca. You can find more about yoga and other ways to lower your stress with the website Kid's Health Relax and Unwind Center.

Just remember it's important to ask a trusted adult for help if you have trouble managing your stress. They can help you find better ways to react to stressful situations that cannot be avoided.