Shift in Perspective: Are You Bigger Than a Cow?

Pond water isn’t terribly exciting…until you see it under a microscope!

A dandelion isn't very big...unless you're an ant! 

Sometimes, all it takes is a shift in perspective, or how you look at something, to make you see something in an entirely new way. At the library you may hear my “teacher voice,” but you might be surprised to know as a kid I was very shy! Looking at something from a different angle, learning how something is made or finding out more about someone’s life can shift your point-of-view entirely. 

For some books that might help you change your own point-of-view, check out these titles:

In Inside Outside, a person is floating on a raft and making a fire - then readers then realize the person is actually inside a whale! These scenes of inside/outside perspectives will both surprise and delight.

Chin-ho Chôn's Look Up! tells the story of a girl in a wheelchair who tries to get the attention of folks down below to see her up above on her balcony. 

Enjoy an astronaut’s-eye view of the world through satellite images of Earth in Benjamin Grant's Overview.

Have you ever wondered how jelly gets into a doughnut, or what the inside of a race car looks like? Get a fascinating look at how things are built in Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-sections of Everything.

A giraffe seems tall compared to an 8-year-old, but what about compared to a redwood tree? Find out Your Place in the Universe with this book that can turn your view of the universe upside down.