Searching Public Records Just Got Easier

For quite a while now, CPL has provided patrons access to real estate transactions, business licenses, foreclosure filings, etc. through Illinois Public Records. This resource, geared to business people and researchers, is great for compiling lists (for example, foreclosures in a specific neighborhood for a given time period or new businesses in a specific ZIP code), but it can be particularly hard to use if you're trying to search for a name or address among the records.

CPL now offers Check Illinois, a resource from the makers of Illinois Public Records that is specifically designed to make it easy to search by name (personal or business) or address (street address or PIN). Simply type in a name or address, and the resource searches all available data sets for hits.

The version of Check Illinois that we're offering is only slightly modified from the "for pay" version you may have seen advertised on the web. So, like the "for pay" version, you'll need to add any records of interest to a cart and "check out." But no worries: when used from the link on our website, we'll be picking up the tab.