School Days: Books for Kids

School. We've all been there. If you live in Chicago, your school year is 180 days long. That's a lot of days! But if you do the math, that's only 49.3% of the days in the year.

But don't worry—you can use your time outside of school to read some great stories about school.

Did you ever stop to think about what your School's First Day of School might feel like? Maybe your school is nervous or excited to see all the kids again. After reading this book, you'll never think about school the same way again.

Picture Day Perfection is one boy's goal, but his favorite shirt is dirty and the maple syrup for breakfast does not stay where it's supposed to. Will he still pull off a perfect picture?

Comics Squad! Lunch can be the best period of the day, or it can be the worst period of the day. But I guarantee that these short comics about lunch will make your day better.

Matilda is one of my favorite characters of all time. And Matilda's favorite place to be is at school with Miss Honey, who is the sweetest teacher, just like her name suggests.

Ravi is a new student, and he is finding out that New Jersey is totally different from India. Joe has gone to the same school for years, but fifth grade is different. When Ravi and Joe have trouble with the same bully in Save Me A Seat, they find out just how easy it is to become friends when you have a shared enemy.

What is going back to school like after a tornado knocks your house down? Not that easy, especially when your notebook is stolen. But Ivy finds a way to get through it with a new friend in Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World.

What's your favorite book about school?

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