Quiz: How Well Do You Know Chicago Public Library Branch History?

This year, Chicago Public Library turns 150 years old, and we are celebrating all year 'round. How well do you know Chicago Public Library branch history?

Test your knowledge on some of our 81 locations with this quiz! Visit chipublib.org/150 for more information on our anniversary celebrations.

Which branch has hosted world-famous poets and artists, including Richard Wright, Gwendolyn Brooks and Langston Hughes?
Mabel Manning Branch was named after:
Which CPL branch building was once a Chicago Park District fieldhouse?
How many Chicago Public Library locations are named after women?
Henry E. Legler, the namesake of Legler Regional Library, was born in which country?
What was Rudy Lozano, namesake of CPL’s Lozano Branch, best known for?
Which CPL location used to be in the building that is now the Old Town School of Folk Music?
Carl B. Roden, namesake of Roden Branch, was president of the American Library Association during which term?
How did the Clearing neighborhood, home of Clearing Branch, get its name?
Which branch was formerly known as Lake View Branch?
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