Personal Finance: Be Right on the Money by being Money Smart!

April 21 - April 28 is Money Smart Week, a public awareness campaign designed to help consumers manage their personal finances. Launched in 2002 by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the Chicago Public Library has hosted programs and workshops on various financial literacy topics since its beginning.

Looking to check out a book on personal finance or a consumer issue? 2018 Money Smart Week Recommended Reads provides just a few of the books covering these topics. And search the Business & Money Resources for up-to-the-minute information to help you make good financial decisions. Here's a shortlist of readings and online resources to get you started!


All the money in the world doesn't mean a thing if you aren't taking care of yourself, and being in good health may not stay that way if you are constantly worried about money matters. In Ageproof, Jean Chatzky and Dr. Michael Rozen provide a plan for both financial independence and good health along with action steps to get you there.

In this business classic, Bogle on Mutual Funds, former Vanguard Chief Executive, John C. Bogle provides guidance for you to be in the know when it comes to investing in mutual funds. Learn the truth behind the advertising, and what constitutes mediocre performance and selfishness. Find out the common mistakes investors make when it comes to choosing appropriate funds.

In Debt-proof Living, Mary Hunt reveals the secrets to paying down and staying out of debt for the rest of your life. Whether you are a retiree deciding on when to draw Social Security or a young adult, ready to sign for your first college loan, Hunt provides practical and simple tools for saving, managing debt, creating a contingency fund for emergencies, and other financial challenges.

Learn what options are open to you in Estate Planning Basics. Written concisely and clearly by lawyer and author, Denis Clifford, this guide provides key information about wills, trusts, planning for retirement, health care directives, estate taxes and more.

Overwhelmed by just the thought of educating yourself about investing? Stock Market 101 cuts out the boring explanations of basic investing, and instead provides hands-on lessons that keep you engaged as you learn how to build a portfolio and expand your wealth.


Take time to attend one (or more!) of these free, and very informative programs and workshops. Search the Library's online Events Calendar, Business, Law & Money: Money Smart


Did you know that Money Smart Week Events are held not only in the Chicago area, but throughout the US? Find events by ZIP code, date, audience and topic. Additional Resources provide reviewed and reliable information for anyone interested in learning practical money management skills in dealing with the following topics: Credit and Debt, Spending and Saving, and Life Stages.

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