Personal Finance: Recognizing and Preventing Financial Fraud

How can you protect yourself against fraud? Learn about scams reported to the Federal Trade Commission, then learn how to avoid becoming a victim, including tips for protecting yourself and disengaging from fraudsters in our event Recognizing and Preventing Financial Fraud presented by Karen Chan, CFP(R).

Find more information about how to protect your private information in these books.

200+ Ways to Protect your Privacy: It's not just the internet—there are other ways your privacy can be compromised, including information readily accessible in your home, from personal photos to items you've put in your trash. Jeni Rogers provides simple and effective ways to protect your personal information and privacy.

Don't Fall for It: Throughout history, people from every economic group have been scammed by fraudsters and con artists, such as Bernie Madoff's $65 billion Ponzi scheme and Enron's allegation of massive accounting fraud resulting in a $78 billion stock loss for their investors. Bill Carlson has worked with individual clients and institutions to help them invest their money wisely. Learn the back story of these frauds and how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

No One Would Listen: When it comes to scammers and fraudsters, the name Bernie Madoff often comes up. In this detailed account, learn how Harry Markopolos, a former securities industry executive, and his financial team uncovered credible and detailed information about Madoff's ongoing Ponzi scheme. It's a fascinating story of a fraudster and confidence man whose downfall resulted in a 150-year prison term and provided investors with new government regulations to help them protect their assets and investments.

Scam Me If You Can: Frank Abagnale, an expert on cyber security and a former con artist, discusses the latest scams and tricks used by con artists to steal your money and personal information online and over the phone. Through his insights and advice, learn how to protect your identity.

For researched government information, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Frauds and Scams section offers numerous online resources keeping in its mission "to make markets for consumers financial products and services by making rules more effective, by consistently and fairly enforcing those rules, and by empowering consumers to take more control over their lives." Search the Fraud & Scams how-to guides for information to help you recognize and prevent fraud.