New Chicago DigitalLearn Course: Getting a Job Using Illinois workNet

We've worked with our wonderful partners at Illinois workNet to create a new Chicago DigitalLearn course that explores the Illinois workNet site and all its resources for job seekers.

The course, Getting a Job Using Illinois workNet, is for adults who are looking for work, whether they are unemployed, underemployed or just looking for a change. It's simple, interactive and includes supporting materials—and it's available in Spanish! 

The course takes less than an hour to complete. It's divided into 7 short lessons that break down the complicated job-seeking process using the most helpful resources on Illinois workNet:

  1. Steps to Getting a Job: Helps you understand the attitude, preliminary process and organization needed for a successful job search
  2. Deciding Jobs to Consider: Guides you through signing up for an account and using the assessment tools 
  3. Organizing the Job Search: Keep track of everything with the job search record worksheet
  4. Preparing Your Resume and Cover Letter: Shows you the best way to create your resume and cover letter using Resume Builder
  5. Searching Jobs: How to search for jobs relevant to your needs and qualifications using Illinois workNet Jobfinder
  6. Applying for Jobs: All of the steps to submit an online application
  7. Interviewing & Following Up: Gives you realistic tips on how to follow through on all those applications and interviews

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