New Books for Your Chicago Summer

As we all know, no one else does summer like Chicago. These fast-paced books will be the perfect accompaniment to the best season in our city, whether you read them at the beach or the park, on the train, in the stands at a baseball game or between sets at a music festival (because you definitely won't want to put them down). Whether you're a fan of humor, romance, horror or graphic novels, there's something here for everyone.

If you combine Downton Abbey, Gossip Girl and Bridgerton into one book, and set it in Chicago, you'll get The Davenports. The year is 1910, and the Davenports are one of the wealthiest Black families in the city. The novel follows the perspectives of four very different girls as they attend lavish parties, struggle with society's expectations and find love in unexpected places... Including with each other's suitors. This will be the perfect summer escape for fans of historical romance. 

When Jarrett J. Krosoczka volunteers at a summer camp for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families, he worries the experience will be depressing. However, his week at Camp Sunshine ends up being more hopeful, fun and life-affirming than he ever imagined. Fans of Krosoczka's first graphic novel memoir, Hey Kiddo, will enjoy Sunshine just as much.

Do you enjoy watching theater productions? Imagine living in one! In The Roof Over Our Heads, Finn's theater-loving family spends the summer putting on an immersive, interactive play in an effort to save their historic home, where the entire cast must live together as though it's the 1890s, including Finn's crush AND his best frenemy. Nothing can go wrong, right?

In this heartwarming graphic novel memoir, Christine spends the summer taking a solo trip to visit their abuelos and tía in Mexico. At first, they worry about the language barrier, but as they spend more time with their family - exploring places their mom spent time as a kid, drawing and eating pan dulce - they find their Spanish improving exponentially. !Ay, Mija¡ is highly recommended to anyone who feels like they belong to more than one culture.

Looking for something to read after Yellowjackets ends? Queer horror-comedy This Delicious Death might be the perfect solution. Three years after a pandemic that turned humans into zombies, society is starting to return to normal thanks to lab-grown synthetic flesh. Zoey and her friends are excited to attend a summer music festival, but things quickly go awry when one of them finds herself craving human flesh again.

What are your most exciting plans this summer?