Meet Chicago Children’s Author Laura Ruby

I'd like to introduce to you one of my favorite Chicago authors, Laura Ruby.

If you've never read a book by Laura Ruby, you're in for a treat.  You'll be pulled into the book immediately by her rich descriptions of sights, sounds and even smells. She pulls you into a world  that is just like ours, with a twist. What if you had a special ability or the world was just a little bit different?

What if everyone could fly? In The Wall and the Wing, everyone except Gurl can fly. Her life as a "leadfoot" feels hopeless until she finds she can do something no one else can: she can turn invisible. You'll laugh at her whimsical adventures around the city with her friend Bug. You can keep exploring this magical world with Bug in The Chaos King.

What if New York City was full of robots invented in the 1800s? Theo, Tess and Jaime explore the history and buildings of this NYC as they try to solve The Shadow Cipher. So what if this famous cipher has remained unsolved for over 100 years? Along the way, they ride weird elevators, eat cookies baked by a robot and interact with the coolest robot animals you've never imagined.

What if your new home was full of ghosts? In Lily's Ghosts, Lily believes in science, not ghosts. But the ghosts in Lily's uncle's house are determined to show themselves to her.  Will the rational Lily believe the signs and solve the sinister mystery the ghosts are trying to communicate to her?

What if you never read a book by Laura Ruby? Once, that was me but I prefer my world when it's full of novels by Laura Ruby. Read a book by Laura Ruby and come join me on the other side!

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