March 10 Is MAR1O Day

March 10 is MAR1O Day. How many famous Marios do you know?

There are Marios who sing, like Mario Lanza, whose life and career are documented in Mario Lanza, and just Mario, whose most recent album is D.N.A.

There are Marios who write, like Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather, and Mario Vargas Llosa, whose latest novel is The Discreet Hero.

There are Marios who act, like Mario Lopez, who tells his story in Just Between Us, and Mario Van Peebles, whose father, Melvin Van Peebles, recounts their work together in No Identity Crisis.

There are Marios who cook, like Mario Batali, author of several cookbooks including Molto Italiano, and Marios who skate, like Mario Lemieux, whose 1992-93 season is celebrated in A Season in Time.

And of course, the most famous Marios of all, the Super Mario Brothers, whose popularity is detailed in Super Mario, which chronicles the rise of Nintendo.