Not Your Average Supermodel

What happens to the models when a season of America's Next Top Model ends? That is the question Melda Beaty tries to answer in her debut novel, Lime. Follow Lime Prince, a young woman of Ethiopian and Jamaican descent, as she enters the world of the New York fashion industry. Lime isn't your stereotypical supermodel- she hails from Chicago, has a college degree in accounting, and was happily married until her husband literally returns her to her father's doorstep one morning without notice. A year later, Lime decides to embrace her budding modeling career with her trademark lime green eyes. What follows is Beaty's creation of the international fashion world filled with celebrities, glamour, and scandal. As Lime treads through the excitement and chaos, she is also forced to deal with relationships from her past as well as a real-life issue threatening many women today - domestic violence. Melda Beaty has created a recognizable character in Lime Prince and has written her first novel with polish and sophistication.

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