Library Books: Books Set in Libraries for Kids

It’s almost impossible to think of libraries and not think about all the books and stories you find inside of them. But sometimes it works the other way around – sometimes you find libraries inside of books, too! Maybe that’s because libraries are so full of possibilities. What better place to set a story than a place where anything can happen?

To celebrate National Library Week, check out one of these great chapter books with a library as a setting.

When You Trap A Tiger: When Lily’s grandmother becomes ill, she makes a deal with a talking tiger to save her. As she explores their Korean heritage and the stories from their histories, Lily turns to the local library for both refuge and answers.

Strange Birds: Lane DiSanti’s summer in Florida with her grandmother feels strange, especially since her parents’ divorce. So when she forms a club for other outsiders like her, where does she go to find members? The public library, of course! And slipping her anonymous invitations into programming bags is just the start of Lane’s adventure.

Doll Bones: When Zach’s father puts an end to him playing with dolls and action figures with his friends Poppy and Alice, they embark on a real-life adventure involving a murdered girl, a ghost trapped in a bone china doll - and one pink-haired librarian named Miss Katherine to help the kids on their creepy quest.

Tales to Keep You Up at Night: An old library book with the warning DO NOT READ THIS BOOK written inside of the cover leads curious Amelia and her brother to return it. But when the librarian says this book doesn’t belong to them, Amelia can’t resist reading, and finds the warning – along with the scary stories inside the book – just might be real after all...

What library stories do you have to share?