Happy 50th Anniversary, Title IX!

Did you know that girls weren't allowed to play sports until 1972? Girls who did were considered trailblazers! Can you imagine a world without women doctors, lawyers or a female Vice President? On June 23, 1972, the passing of Title IX finally gave girls and women an opportunity for higher education, professions they could strive for and playing sports. Check out these books that highlight the behind-the-scenes history and fight for Title IX which changed everyday life for everyone.

An Equal Shot is all women and girls wanted! This law changed America benefiting everyone no matter your gender. Find out how women in Congress, including Patsy Mink and Shirley Chisholm, fought to give girls and women more fair treatment in education and more.

Did you know that in 2002 Congress renamed Title IX the Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act? Discover why with Fall Down Seven Times, Stand up Eight, which covers trailblazer Mink's life from childhood to adulthood.

Title IX doesn't include "sports" or "athletics" in its 37-word law, but it gave girls the opportunity to be athletes. Sports for All gives an overview of life before and after this law was passed. Learn how Title IX helped create more professional women sports teams including basketball, hockey and soccer.

Girls With Guts! and Women in Sports highlight over 50 female athletes, many of them breaking record after record with their incredible athletic feats. Some of my favorites include tennis player and Title IX activist Billie Jean King, gymnast Simone Biles and track and field sprinter Wilma Rudolph.

Play like a girl! Who is your favorite female athlete?