Get Creative with Design Challenges

Are you a maker? Do you like to create? There are so many fantastic ebooks about kids expressing themselves through music and art. Try reading an ebook below and using the design challenges to help inspire you to make something amazing!

Art makes neighborhoods look beautiful and can bring people together. Create something your family can hang up to help make your walls more beautiful. Check out what a community created in Maybe Something Beautiful by Isabel F. Campoy and Theresa Howell.

Tap, tap! Jingle! Honk! Boom! Musical instruments make many different sounds. Create your own instrument with a unique sound using paper, cups, rubber bands or any other object you find. Learn about an orchestra that plays recycled instruments in Ada's Violin by Susan Hood.

A zine is usually a small, short book of folded paper that you make yourself. Can you make a zine about something you’re interested in, using scrap paper and art supplies? Check out Malu’s zines in the novel The First Rule of Punk by Celia C. Pérez. The author has written instructions for how to make a zine that you can follow so you can start writing about your own experiences. What do you want to say about what’s happening in your life right now?