Fashion-Forward Teen Fiction

From social media fame to runway lights, there are a million ways to celebrate fashion. My talents only extend to flipping through magazines, but I love to read about the people who make this wild, inspiring art. Flip through these teen titles into the wild world of fashion.

The Summer of Jordi Perez: When Abby wins a summer internship that could launch her fashion career, she isn’t prepared for the complications. Jordi is a fiery photographer and the first person Abby's ever kissed. When Jordi’s photography drags Abby unwillingly into the limelight, it will put her self-image and determination to the test.

Lola and the Boy Next Door: Lola has a passion for fabulous costume design, the wilder the better. When her childhood neighbors move back in and the once shy, quiet Cricket turns out to be an aspiring inventor, Lola can't help taking an interest. There's only one problem: She already has a super-hot, perfect boyfriend.

The Academy: How does a young trendsetter with dreams of fashion editing end up at military school? You’d have to ask Frankie Brooks. After one too many screw-ups, Frankie is facing military drills, war games and intimidating classes. No one thinks a girl who loves fashion can survive, but she’s determined to prove them wrong.

I Love You So Mochi: Everyone loves Kimi Originals—bold, inspiring outfits Kimi creates from everyday materials. Everyone except Kimi’s strict mom. When her grandparents invite her to Kyoto, Kimi jumps at the chance to escape. Her summer will be full of fashion, sight-seeing and cute boys, but she may also discover something about the mom she thought she knew.

Girl on the Verge: Kanchana, an aspiring fashion designer caught between Western culture and her Thai heritage, is eager to make friends when her family takes in a troubled girl. Shelly seems nice until her interest in Kanchana's life goes from friendly to dangerous.

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