Fantastic Forts: Builders at Play

Stuck at home and ready for a new spot to play, read or escape for a bit? Librarian Hope from Sulzer Regional Library suggests carving out some time to construct your very own fort!

Create an architectural masterpiece in no time with stuff you have at home. Get inspired to build by reading about kids just like you who built fantastic forts!

In The Little Red Fort, Ruby wants to build an epic fort with the help of her brothers—but they are less than enthusiastic. Will Ruby's energy and creativity change their minds?

The diverse group of kids in Look at That Building! collaborate to build a doghouse using architecture around them for inspiration.

Sometimes what you need is a Secret Tree Fort. Will this little sister’s imaginative fort draw her big sisters' attention?

Next, start building!

You can use newspaper to build lots of different kinds of forts! Try rolling newspaper to build a geometric fort.

If you want to go for a classic fort, gather some blankets and build a cozy fort around your couch! Try these six simple blanket forts you can easily make with materials you already have on hand. Watch this video for some great science tips to make your fort as sturdy (and cozy) as possible.

Try taking your fort-building outside. Bring some inside materials outside with you to help. For example, try hanging a hula hoop from a tree branch and draping blankets around it for a cozy and beautiful outdoor fort.

Reflect on Your Learning

  • Did you build a fort? How did it go? How did you have to change your plan along the way? Would you do anything different next time?
  • Does any part of your fort remind you of a building you've seen before?