Environmental Justice in Chicago: A Panel Discussion

Local environmental justice groups People for Community Recovery, Southeast Environmental Task Force and Little Village Environmental Justice Organization joined together for a panel discussion about Chicago's environmental challenges and triumphs. 

Cheryl Johnson is the Executive Director of People for Community Recovery (PCR). PCR was founded in 1979 by the late Hazel M. Johnson, Mother of Environmental Justice, to address urban environmental pollution in their neighborhood of Altgeld Gardens

Peggy Salazar is the Director of the Southeast Environmental Task Force (SETF). SETF was formed in 1989 by Marian Byrnes, and continues to be vitally important in the perpetual struggles necessary to strike a balance between economic life, human welfare, and the environment—struggles that define the Calumet Region.

Jacqueline Vazquez is the Park Organizer for the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO). Building upon successful clean power, public transit, and open space campaigns for over 25 years, LVEJO remains committed to organizing with those most impacted by industrialization and climate change.

This event was in conjunction with the exhibit From Swamps to Parks: Building Chicago's Public Spaces, and Hazel Johnson: Mother of Environmental Justice, on display at Woodson Regional Library until March 31, 2021.