We All Read for Ice Cream

Ice cream is delicious every month of the year and since July is National Ice Cream Month, I'll take that as an excuse to eat more sweet, cold ice cream. People have been finding ways to use snow and ice to make yummy cold desserts since the Middle Ages.

Did you know that the most popular flavor of ice cream was lemon until 1850? Since then, people have been making, and eating, ice cream in more flavors than you can even imagine.

Read a book about ice cream before or after you eat some—but don't forget to wash your hands!

Joe writes to his grandfather all about his Ice Cream Summer, as he practices math and writing while learning about the history of ice cream. It's going to be a delicious summer!

When Gerald has ice cream that he knows his best friend will love, he faces a big dilemma: Should I Share My Ice Cream?

How did people keep things cold before refrigeration? Ice! People went to great lengths to cut ice from lakes, ponds and riversto keep food cold, or to make ice cream.

Felicity Pickle just moved to Midnight Gulch, a place where everything has A Snicker of Magic, including the ice cream. Dr. Zook's makes 45 marvelous and mysterious flavors of ice cream that delight and inspire Felicity in her new town.

Can't wait for ice cream? Try making ice cream at home with ice, salt, Ziploc bags and a few simple ingredients.