Coyotes: Our Urban Neighbor

Have you ever seen a coyote?  I frequently see one in my neighborhood and he is very comfortable in our urban setting.  He tends to keep to himself but is somewhat of a local celebrity, often getting his picture in the newspaper.

Coyotes are more prevalent in urban areas than ever before. One reason is that they are very adaptable and will eat almost anything. Food is plentiful here, so there is no reason to leave. Experts say Chicago has seen an increase in coyotes since the 1990s. Coyotes in Illinois are protected under the Illinois Wildlife Code, which also accounts for their increased populations.

These amazing creatures are here to stay, so learn more about them so we may coexist in harmony.

For a great explanation on how to coexist with coyotes and prevent attacks, try Coyotes and Wolves Are Not Pets!

Want an in-depth look at how coyotes survive so well in urban environments? Wild Animal Neighbors is a good starting point.

Coyotes explains why they are considered sacred in some cultures.

The Spanish version of Coyote will make kids laugh out loud at his silly antics.

Coyote is available in multiple formats.

In A Coyote's in the House, a hip-talking coyote and a domesticated dog tell a tale of friendship.

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